More about me …

I have two Master’s degrees in linguistics, one from UCLA where I had started a PhD and the other from North Carolina State University. I studied laboratory phonology, sociophonetics, and statistical research methods.

I’m originally from Minnesota, but I’ve lived in Wisconsin, France, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, California (twice!), and now Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

My favorite things are: watching horror and scifi movies, being outdoors and exercising, discovering new places to eat, going to shows (music and comedy) and struggling to decide what I want to learn next.

Here’s where you can find some of my past work (not necessarily reflective of current work):

Most of this public work was in my “20% time”. Behind the scenes, I have a lot of fun wearing many hats as a product manager including writing specs, doing user interviews, analyzing data, collaborating with designers and developers, doing research and strategy, writing documentation, getting creative with marketing, etc. I’ve even had the opportunity to play developer when I wrote the server-side code to create Meta Kaggle, Kaggle’s public dataset about … Kaggle.

I currently live in Toronto with the love of my life. I work at Kaggle (a Google company) as a Product Manager where I’ve worked discontinuously since early 2016 (my current stint since late 2019). Previously I worked at Stack Overflow as a Product Manager for public Q&A.